Curriculum Provision Throughout China And America And Comparisons And Contrasts Between Them

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Chinese Name: Fan Siyuan
English Name: Grace
Student Number: 12090704
Instructor 's name: Francesca de Lucia
Course: Academic Writing
Date: 6th Jan. 2015 Curriculum Provision in Senior High School in China and America and Comparisons and Contrasts between Them
1. Introduction A new round curriculum reform in China catches the eyes of various people, especially senior high school teachers, students and people like us, who will become high school teachers in several years. After the new curriculum offering issued, the comparisons with the old one, even foreign countries’ are quite hot. Since America is the most popular destination among Chinese students, I believe as a high school teacher in the future, it is necessary to learn about American curriculum provision and understand the comparisons and contrasts between China and America. Thanks to the resources, I learn about the curriculum provisions in both countries and find 6 comparisons and contrasts all together.
2. Curriculum provision in China On 4th Apr. 2014, the new curriculum provision was revealed on the press conference. From September in 2014, the new curriculum provision came into effects. According to the newest declaration, there are 8 fields or 13 courses all together in senior high school, including language and literature, mathematics, culture and society, science, technology, arts, physical exercise, and practice. Among the 6 courses from culture and science, instead of covering them all, students…
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