Curriculum, Quality and Professionalism

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Curriculum, Quality and Professionalism Introduction In this report I will explain the purpose and design of the curriculum proposal. I will then review the feedback obtained from the validating panel and the changes made. Professional values will also be explained and the importance they have in the lifelong learning sector. In addition, I will explain how the course will be evaluated providing a summary of how records are currently being used. Finally, I will create an action plan highlighting development needs to the course design. Curriculum Design- Independent Living Skills The course was designed for students in the second year of college and is set over a period of 15 weeks with 2 hour sessions. The aim of this course is to provide students with the necessary life skills needed for life after college. This course also provides students with the skills and abilities to live independently. As many first year students at university drop out due to academic and sometimes financial issues, this course helps to tackle some of these problems. The course discusses how to find a place to live at university, remain safe, keep personal items safe and how to interact and make friends at university which leads to the summative assessment of a come dine with me theme. In addition the course covers health and fitness, the importance of a healthy diet and this will also assist in stress management. This course also focuses on budgeting and managing finances allowing students to
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