Curriculum Reform in Schools

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Critical Review The world population has grown and diversified causing a great impact on economic and social life. This growth has influence language specialists and teachers of ELT to have a different perspective on language learning and language use. The growing changes in standardized English ask for a curriculum reform and different ways for schools to meet the students’ needs. For those reasons I will critically review the following articles, “Opportunity and Diversity: The Handbook for Teachers of English”, created by the British Council in 2009. The article “Towards Intercultural Communicative Competence in ELT” written by, Cem Alptekin 2002 and “The Future of English article", written by David Graddol 1997. This review will put in perspective the different ideas on how to approach ELT in the 20th century and the next years to come. Articles summary The Handbook for Teachers of English (2009) is a book which gives insight on different methods that can be used to teach a diverse classroom and establishing equality. According to the book the first step to establish equality in the classroom is to identify the students’ “visible and invisible differences” (British Council, p.8). The book suggests that using these differences in a positive manner will facilitate the practical process of teaching. A good example is given in the book of how this it is done, by suggesting class projects where the students learn about other cultures and learn to accept them. By doing this
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