Curriculum and Professional Issues

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The education system is a social institution that often faces major changes, such is the nature of public services and similar social institutions. A major factor in the changes made to these institutions is the prevalence of curriculum reform through planning and informed development. (A.V Kelly, 2004) There are various ways in which curriculum has been defined, Curriculum can be taken to mean the quintessence of a syllabus of learning and includes philosophy, substance, strategies and assessment. Although syllabus often implies greater definition of what the curriculum may contain. A classic example is that the term curriculum was developed from the Latin word for racecourse or to run. Indeed, this is a popular metaphor for the…show more content…
There are many models that art institutions use in the delivery of art and design curriculum and all have different meritocracies. Often the study of drawing is taught as a main discipline of western art teaching and in the UK, the art curriculum, is determined by the Government through the National Curriculum, with the exception being within public schools. The National Curriculum is set out and defined by government and the educational institution implements this through course documentation and prospectuses, however this is only partially how curriculum is interpreted and there are more informal elements of curriculum such as the way in which a teacher conveys the subject and the way that it is interpreted by particular institutions. The ‘hidden curriculum’ refers to what may be learnt inadvertently by students. It refers to how the common social beliefs and values of the educational institution, its pupils and teachers permeate beyond what is delivered and prescribed by the defined educational curriculum. Kelly argues that ‘there has been a failure to recognise the changes which have occurred in society’ stating that there has been ‘social, moral and political’ changes, such things that would be conveyed through ‘hidden curriculum’ these changes are ‘as a consequence of, technological and economical developments’ and that the ‘ natural evolution of curriculum was reflecting
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