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It is Curry night in the our household. An outsider will be puzzled, because there are several dishes that are completely different. Is the food Indian? Is the food Thai? What is that other stuff, I don’t think I have ever had curry made like that? Curry night in our household explains the complexity of curry in itself. Faisal is from Northern India and his food perspective is influenced by Pakistan as well… curry to him is a stew/saucy dish that contains some variety of a masala and other spices. I have a more worldy view of curry. My first taste of curry came from Germany, all though we generally do not have curry wurst as a part of our curry night. As a child we used to go to Imbiss stands to get pommes fritz with curry…show more content…
Generally Chinese curries are severed over rice. Chinese curry is tends to be watery unlike other Asian curries. It is believed that curry was introduced to China from Singapore or Malaysia. China’s most popular curry dish is curry noodles or “curry mee.”
What may be surprised to know is that Japanese Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Curry was introduced to Japan by the British, around 1868, after Japan ended its policy of isolation. Japan’s Army and Navy can be contributed to spreading the popularity of curry. The army and navy adopted it extensively as convenient field and naval canteen cooking. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force traditionally has curry every Friday for lunch. Ships may have their own unique recipe, but Kare-Raisu is a typical “canteen” style dish that would be served and is made up of a brown curry sauce with raisins, generally served with rice. Curry seasoning is commonly sold in the form of a condensed brick that dissolves into the mixture of meat and vegetables. This form of curry can be found in many U.S. grocery stores. The standard curry found in Japan contains onions, carrots, potatoes and a meat that is cooked in a large pot. Japanese curry is more of a stew-like consistency. Pork and beef are the most popular meats in curry followed by Chicken. In northern and Eastern Japan you tend to see more pork based curry. Beef is more common in western Japan.
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