Cursive Should Be Taught In Classrooms

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I don’t think cursive should be taught in classrooms. I was taught cursive in school, and I barely remember it, only my name. When I was learning cursive I was told it would be required in high school and adult life. That was incorrect, because now everything I do is typed; I rarely even have to print. I think schools should focus on getting students prepared for today’s society, and teach them typing. If only 37% of handwriting teachers use cursive, they know it isn’t that important. Cursive was taught as a faster way of writing. If taught well enough, typing can be way faster than writing. Signatures were mainly cursive, but now it doesn’t really matter. When I am asked to sign something, I will print my name. I was required to take notes in my biology class. I hand wrote them at first, but there was so much to write down, I couldn’t get everything. I started typing my notes instead, and could get all of the information faster, with time to listen to what the teacher was saying. While handwriting my notes, I had to write so fast, my writing was barely legible.…show more content…
Cursive writing uses both sides of the brain, while typing and printing only use one. If some one gets a brain injury, cursive is used to check their reading and writing capabilities. Schools should not teach cursive writing, but help students in the future. Cursive is not really used anymore. If parents want their children to know cursive, they should teach it at home. Cursive writing is a thing of the
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