Cursive Technology

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1. We have learned to accept that all we need in our modern day and age is computers. Strictly digital, and nothing more. Everything must be digitalized. Rather it's the way we teach our students, or what consists in our day to day routine. We are heavily involved with technology as it is. When we, as a country, decided it was time to kick our "out-dated" ways to the curb, such as cursive, we stopped teaching it in our schools, because it no longer showed importance to us. We now realize that we may be losing a great learning tool, that also includes memorization skills. But even those two things, are heading torwards a total loss. That is, if we do not bring cursive back.

2. Cursive has been a reliable way of writing for ages, and initially should not be tampered with, "If it's not broken, don't fix it". However, it would be ignorant to not acknowledge the fact that where we stand with technology today, only begins to open up the possibilities for the future. It is vitial for us to not only know that change is coming, but to also have an understanding on to how to use the electronics that surround us today. Especially in our growing world. Given most Americans already have a fair knowledge as to how most electronics work (thanks to our
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If we proceed this way, without cursive, continuing to emerge ourselves in our digital world- we must also compare. Let us picture ourselves 70 years from now (2087), as Americans, with no cursive. By now, even standard hand writing, is a thing of the past. Everything is digitalized, this time literally. We don't even have to think hard about how we feel, we have a robot to process the situation, and convey those emotcions for us. Why do we find it that we are unable to feel? It's been so long. Passion that once used to be driven in us all, from 70 years prior (in our current time), seems to be scarce, and practically non existent. How could taking out cursive from our school systems really enable this entire plumit down
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