Cursive Writing Be Taught In Schools

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Over 100 schools don’t teach students cursive anymore. In the United States today, 41 states no to longer require students learn cursive. Some of the schools in the US only teach their students how to sign their names. In my opinion, I believe that cursive writing is very important and should still be taught in schools because when students get older they will be required to sign in cursive, cursive is good for our brains, and most importantly, cursive is needed when working with legal documents. Today cursive is forgotten, and instead of writing we have computers, Facebook and many other resources. All those resources are great, but we can’t forget cursive writing. We have to try to get cursive writing back in schools and in our lives, so…show more content…
According to many research, the kids that don’t learn cursive don’t learn how to read and work with legal documentaries. For example, today in America 70% of the people can’t read or understand the Declaration of Independence. Another tragedy, is that many states in the US have cookbooks that are written in cursive and when people come looking for a job with the hope of becoming a chef one day and they don’t know how to read and write in cursive, then many people can’t pursue their dream of being a chef one day. Many dreams get shattered. When people in the US get tax returns, or checks they are required not only to sign in cursive, but many tax returns or checks are written in cursive, so in order to figure out how much money they have they will have to read in cursive. There are many grandparents in the world that have written wills to their children and grandchildren in cursive, and now their family cannot figure out what property goes to whom. Many grandparents also have old traditional secret family recipes that are written in cursive. Imagine if you couldn’t read cursive, you would be considered to be breaking the family tradition. Then, you would never learn about your family and its history and then right there on the spot, you would become a disgrace to your family and tradition. Cursive is not important…, it is REALLY IMPORTANT. And to prove…show more content…
I challenge you to join me in fighting for cursive. We all know the huge impact cursive had on our lives, so why let it slip away and vanish into thin air? We all need to fight for cursive. If cursive vanishes there will not be a meaning in the subject of Literature Art/ English. Join me to fight and bring cursive back. We will teach others to love cursive the way we do now. We will teach everyone that is willing, to learn how to read and write in cursive. I believe we can make cursive reappear in schools if we work together. That is why in my opinion I believe that cursive should be brought back to schools all around the world. Join me on this educational adventure today!! Cursive is has truly gotten into all our hearts. Cursive
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