Cursive Writing Is Disappearing

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Cursive Writing is Disappearing
“Self-expression, beauty, even thoughtfulness may be at stake” (Klose 1). Even though cursive writing is difficult to learn it should still be taught in school. When students write something down by hand, they will learn it better. When a student writes by hand, they will become more concentrated on what they have to write rather than typing what they would like to say. What is a student going to do if they have to sign something in cursive? Students still need to learn to write cursive legibly because cursive is a lost art, an important mode of communication, and cursive increases activity in three areas of the brain.
If students learned how to write in cursive, they would be making an old form of art alive
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Even though people are going digital there still needs to be a hard paper copy to go along with everything. There are so many artifacts that are written in cursive that if a person does not know how to read cursive then they will not get the enjoyment of the artifact. “First, there continues to be a need to sign "hard copies" of documents. There is a sense of ceremony and a seriousness of purpose about the act of signing something” (Klose 1). If a student needed to sign something, then they cannot simply print their name. They need to be able to actually sign their name in cursive. When a student signs something it could make them feel like an adult. If they just print their name they may feel like a child still. “Second, a great part of the history of the United States is recorded in handwritten documents, including personal letters. There is nothing like seeing, and, if opportunity permits, touching, actual source material rendered by pen ink on paper. If one has not been taught to write in cursive, it is unlikely that one will be able to read it” (Klose 1). Getting to touch and feel how the pen moved across the paper while writing cursive is a great opportunity. Students who cannot read or write cursive will definitely have a disadvantage in life because then they cannot read things that other people can read. Handwritten documents were written in cursive because that is the way people were taught to write. Why do people have to go and change this up? Unfortunately with teachers complaining cursive writing takes up too much time, cursive writing is slowly disappearing from the
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