Cursive Writing Should Be Taught In Schools

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First and foremost, in this article the thesis statement is about how the art of cursive along with the curriculum of the subject is no longer offered to children in school. Also, the evidence that supports this thesis is clearly explained throughout the story about how teachers no longer feel that cursive writing is needed in school, and how technology is a huge factor in schools which pretty much eliminates the need to teach the skill of writing or using cursive penmanship. Furthermore, the author’s style of this article is fictional and states a lot of interesting factors that have been researched, how times have changed. In fact, education just isn’t the same and probably will continue to become more dependent on technology. All in all,…show more content…
Technology has completely taken over when it comes to writing and it’s not fair to strip this curriculum out of schools and it’s especially not fair for the parents of young children to have to teach their children at home how to write in the cursive script I think it should at least be offered as an extra curriculum class such as music, band, and sports. I think that cursive writing could really benefit anyone children especially but for some reason the school systems have become so dependent on computer technology that a lot of the testing in schools are even done on a computer I remember doing CSAP testing and you had to make sure you filled in the correct bubble just right. As the author writes cursive is a lost virtue and to get it back is more than likely not going to happen this really makes me wonder what other skills schools no longer teach children I mean I know as parents it’s our job to prepare our children for the future but if it comes down to the point to where were having to teach our children the necessities to get them through life at home then what exactly is the point of public schools if they aren’t preparing our children for the future. To me cursive is like math people use it every day and if children aren’t being taught how to write it they definitely aren’t going to be able to
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