Curta Herztark Calculator

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The Holocaust affected people mentally and emotionally, but some success in advanced technology came out of their retainment. In particular, Curta Herzstark and his talents in designing a mechanical calculator that would help him survive one of the darkest moments in world history is just one of many.
To give a brief overview of Mr. Herzstark, my short story is for those who are ready to geek out, while leaving them skeptical of what the calculator looks like and its functions. Knowing that my intended audience may be heavily influenced by history, it was my goal to include a bit of background information on who Curta was and his path towards success. Writing a short story meant finding ways to condense my information into one paragraph by summarizing important events.
As one may wonder about the Curta calculator, those involved in technology can really see the way that mechanics and mechanical design heavily influenced the model. I wanted to include an adult size hand that way my audience could get a sense of its compact design. The image allowed color to create emotional attachment to history and to depict its great features. It also gives great character to my short story.
Now that my article and image have got the attention, a friend interested in background research - regarding past technological advancements - is very
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Depending on my audience, one piece may be more appealing than another and that is why I saw the need to include a drawing and different forms of writing. I also learned that some audiences won’t appear until you have reached out to the general public. For example, my friend wouldn’t have emailed me about her interests in learning more if I hadn’t put up my short story. All this ties in with future writing assignments because it is always important to target a specific audience and make sure that the content fits the
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