Custer Hospital Case Study

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I choose the Custer Hospital scenario. After careful consideration of all the facts and possible issues that maybe encountered, my overall recommendation was for the board and Ms. Wilson was to go ahead with the planning of the three recommendations. Before I went any further with my recommendation I had to be sure that the community was in actual need for the new outpatient center. This was a huge step to take because not only did the hospital have any data on the outpatient canters already, it did not have data not the surrounding community as well. To get over this hurdle the very first thing that needed to be done was to do a theory based community assessment. This would not only figure out the surrounding populations that use the clinics but it would also help figure out what health behaviors were most relevant to the outpatient centers. Plus with the money coming…show more content…
For example, our next bullet point to address would be the establishment of the EMR. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act says that all providers either being public or private that accept Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement are to switch over to the use of EMR or face up to 1%-5% reimbursement losses (United States of America Congress, 2009). As for the last bullet I used the 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) to express that the patients that come into the ER have a right to be treated fairly and accordingly (American College of Emergency Physicians, 2016) Meaning that if the hospitals do not have physicians that are "on -call" show up in a timely matter and the patient either gets worse or dies because the on call physician was not close by, the hospital can be in fault and be in violation of the EMTALA, which has penalties up to 50,000 per incident (American College of Emergency Physicians,
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