Custody Court : The Custody

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Custody Court

I decided to go through the courts to determine custody because of several reasons. The first reason was because my son’s father was on the birth certificate and, the police stated that if he took my son from me, it would be considered kidnapping. So, it was in essence to protect my son first. Secondly, it was part of the process of getting child support as well as my restraining order. The restraining order was done through the civil courts and, the originally gave me full custody temporarily until the actual custody process could begin. While, I was planning on going through the custody court at some time, I had to begin the process early because of several court standards. Before I was able to put my son on CCAP, I had to put his father on child support or else I would be noncompliant with their orders. Also, with the severity of the reasons for the restraining order, the judge believed that it was necessary for me to begin it immediately. But, going through the process, I understand why many young mothers like me do not go through the courts to deal with this manner. To start the custody paperwork, I had to go to the clerks for the information which told me that I had to pay a starters fee of over two-hundred and fifty dollars. Luckily, I had a fellow friend with me who is a family advocate whom knew how to wave the fees. There is a massive amount of paperwork to fill out such as parenting time, financial assets, and responsibilities. The…
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