Custody Of A Child Essay

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Twenty-three percent of kids are living with a single mother (lecture notes). Let’s be honest the majority of the time when it comes to custody for a child the mother wins. There even use to be a law in some states where if a couple divorced the mother would get custody, however that is no longer the situation. The reason why the mother usually gets custody of a child could be sexual stereotype. Woman are the back bone of this country without them men wouldn’t be the men who they are so that might be the reasoning behind woman getting custody most of the time. Why being a single mother is a problem is because kids are expensive. For a middle-income, married couple with two children its estimated to be $245,340 to raise a kid in 2015 from birth…show more content…
I want to break down that 245,340 dollars’ amount. According to 107,970 goes to housing and transportation, 44,400 in child care and education, 39,060 in food cost, 33,780 in clothing, and 20,130 in health care. That doesn’t even account for the random bills you would have to pay for a kid, such as if your kid goes to jail and must pay a fine, now and days you can get finned for anything and that fine could be hundreds of dollars. Or if you had a kid with a disability, thousands of dollars are spent to maintain that kid, what…show more content…
Such as, The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, WIC program, Child Nutrition Programs, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, Medicare, and HUD Public Housing for single parents. The list can go on and on, but for your reading pleasure I will stop. These programs do excellent to help single mothers when in need. In some cases, these programs are not enough for mothers with multiple kids, sometimes mothers don’t even get accepted in these programs. These mothers are then left to have multiple jobs and live in
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