Custom Chip, Inc. Case Analysis Essay

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Custom Chip, Inc. Case Analysis

Summary Custom Chip, Inc case describes the situation of a company where lack of coordination and cooperation among different departments is hindering them to achieve their common or ultimate goal as a single business entity. Applications engineering, product engineering and manufacturing are all inclined towards achieving their individual objectives and timelines rather than collaborating and synergizing their efforts in order to attain a common goal of effective production with improved cost reduction. Few of the primary reasons are insufficient and unorganized company policies for coordination and cooperation, poor networking with in the organization especially on management level, lack of
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Product engineers believe that they have shortage of human resource and most of their time is wasted in day to day manufacturing issues and they can not coordinate with application engineers during design phase to reduce design errors. Also they can't do any scientific measures by experiments to control and improve yields. Lack of company policies on coordination among different departments is also a major issue, product engineers have to coordinate both with application engineers and manufacturing during daily operations. The lack of cooperation is mainly due to departments concentrating on their individual goals, applications engineers top priority is to satisfy customer needs through designs, manufacturing and operations are more concerned about productivity and timelines. Thus their objectives are inherently conflicting. The problem of product 1210A which involved redesigning of a product was delayed only because applications engineer was busy on some other task assigned to him and both departments doesn't have the bigger picture of the whole objectives and goals of the company. Applications engineer cooperated because both department managers had a good working relationship which clearly indicates the importance of networking within the organization. The problem of product 3806A highlights the lack of cooperation between manufacturing and applications department. It also shows that bias of one manager is hindering the over all productivity and even if Frank is

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