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Title: Custom Chips Inc. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract This week’s case study is an analysis of the manufacturing company Custom Chips Inc., and further this analysis will define the obstacles to their processes that create inconsistency in creating higher yields. The case will further assess Custom Chips Inc. through SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to future operations within the company. Custom Chips Inc. This weekly case assessment looks to evaluate and answer the questions presented from the overview of the company Custom Chips Incorporated. “Custom Chips Inc. is a semiconductor manufacturer specializing in the development of custom chips and other components…show more content…
Additionally, each step along the manufacturing and product development phase is subject to considerable risks in errors from the operator or the machines (Daft, 2013). These errors account for a product yield of only 60-70 percent, and the company is at risk for greater risk exposure when the yields reach the 30-50 percent range as the company may not meet customer request and demands (Daft, 2013). There are several problems and conflicts that the company faces due to the link between costs and the individual product unit. First, it is more than the number, the required efficiency in designing and manufacturing requires a greater dependency on company engineers, resulting in customer uncertainty in delivered products due to the required level of perfection in the development process. I feel there are some measurable areas that need to be continually evaluated to determine the highest probabilities of error in machine and man, the points in the manufacturing process, and the influencing circumstances that contribute to product flaws. I feel this data must be measured in a study to determine the highest probabilities of failure in machine, man or the actual process or procedure. The problem cannot be address appropriately unless the experts identify what is actually contributing to or causing the increase in failed products. After these points have been identified, then company leaders can address these problem areas

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