Custom Furniture And Its Weaknesses And Strength

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Network Management Justification
Terms of Reference
Handmade Furniture approached me with preposition that I agree to be their consultant; they required me to evaluate their network. My job entails studying the network of the Handmade Furniture, identify its weaknesses and strength. They required me to recommend changes that should be made if the weakness we found to cause their network not to function as it is supposed to. The agreement required that I propose the procedure of implementing changings. Due to the nature of their working environment I requested the to let me interview some of the employee who are constantly using their network systems. Through the information gained from the survey, I would be in a position to make an informed decision.
The management of the Handmade Furniture required me to document every step of examining the network system.
The main problem in handmade Furniture is that the network is completely wired which make it impossible to enable employee have flexible working schedules. They can only work from the office. In additional if, there is a problem with the cabling the whole network would fail therefore there is the network in its current condition cannot be termed as reliable. Employee bring their own devices in their working places they have to make their own arrangement for internet access, this result to higher cost on the part of the employee.
The company’s network runs on

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