Customer And Company Analysis : Customer Analysis

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Customer and Company Analysis
Customer Analysis
The first step of the Customer Analysis is to outline exactly which customers the company is serving. This requires specificity based on the area, focus on clientele, potential need of service provided, as well affordability based on income medians. Long range plans of expansion to further areas will be reassessed after full review at this company’s one year anniversary. Currently as EZ Clean opens its doors, the service provided is the removal, possible sorting, and return of wanted items from storage spaces (attics, garages, sheds, and if applicable, basements) at a flat rate, but with exceptions based on hazardous materials, family keepsakes, or if sorting option is chosen, hours taken to complete. EZ Clean is focusing purely on Hillsborough County residents. The preferable market segment are all walks of life within this county that are homeowners or renters, and due to illness, injury, age, or handicaps (veterans especially). The demographics of our sought customer market in Hillsborough County were documented previously. The only addition are veterans population range in at 94,536 estimated. The significance of this number is the potential discounts (10% on all services) that may be incurred. Racial breakdown is white, 75.3%, black or African American 17.5%, and then Asian 4%, American Indian 0.6%, and Pacific Islander in last at 0.1%. One area to follow-up is the concern of requiring bi-lingual employees, as currently
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