Customer Behavior Analysis of Ikea

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IKEA Consumer Behavior Analysis

Consumer behavior

Contents Executive Summary 1 Company Background 1 Objective and Focus of This Study 2 Methodology 2 Findings 2 * Perception 3 * Buying theory 4 * Learning theory 6 * Motivation 7 * Attitude 8 * Reference group and social media 9 * Gender 10 * Social class 11 * Subculture 12 * Culture 13 Interesting Findings 13 Marketing Implication 16 References 19
Executive Summary

IKEA was chosen as the target company to study its consumer behavior due to its high brand awareness and large consumer base. 12 young respondents, who are mainly from our friends, are selected to do the depth-interview. Base on the data collected from the
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Also for the scent, refer to our respondent Stacy descript “Once, I was obsessed by the odor of Jasmine candle place in the IKEA and, you know buy a package which I do not planned to before shopping .“ Fragrance does have it function and appeal to customer and influence their buying decision.
Touch experience play an important role for the perception that respondents have towards IKEA. The most common and interesting phenomenon is that always see people sleeping on the bed, sitting on the sofa chatting with friends and hold the pillow. Our respondents said that they like this kind of experiential shopping which they could touch and experience everything in IKEA that make them feel good.
According Bunny said “I was not plan to buy the quiet and sheets at first, but when I bought the bed I saw the quite things it’s beautiful and suite will with the bed , so I decided bought all of them in IKEA finally .” We found she rarely notice the beddings displayed in the demo area became very much aware of them when she bought the bed for her new house in IKEA, which could explained by perceptual vigilance that consumers are more likely to be aware of stimuli that relate to their current needs which is one of personal selection factors.
Customer tends to position a brand perceptually, In our respondent’s mind they perceived that IKEA is for people how rent house and who do not have considerable salary. 2. Buying theory * Store Image
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