Customer Behavior Of The B2b Space And The B2c Space

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General Electric is a great example of a company that operates within both the business-to-consumer space and the business-to-business space. As far as consumer products are concerned, GE provides a number of products and services including, electronics, appliances, lighting, personal healthcare, and housewares. In the B2B space specifically, GE has a number of divisions, including aviation, energy consulting and management, healthcare, oil and gas, mining, power, and transportation. There are many differences between the customer behavior of the B2B space and the B2C space. For one thing, the wants and the needs of these two customers are entirely different. Individual consumers only need to worry about their own needs, whereas B2B customers need to look at the needs of the company as a whole. It behooves B2B companies to seek out influencers and powerful executives, while B2C companies may focus on any one consumer seeking a product or service. In this corporate space, customers’ needs are based less off personal reflection and more on the company’s overall business strategy. Businesses customers are more likely to research product attitudes, including quality, productivity, and overall value. Additionally, when it comes to choosing or identifying the products that they need, businesses generally have a process that they follow when they go about making purchasing decisions that is more strict than your everyday consumer. There are, in most cases, specifications set
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