Customer Behavior Relations And Smartphone Essay

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Customer Behavior in Relations to Smartphone
Connie Grimes
Liberty University Customer Behavior in Relations to Smartphone
Smartphone is the trending portable phone with improved mode of operation in the market. Smartphones have features such as cameras, video app, song app, document storage, and recording events. There are different types of smartphones that have succeeded by the OLED technology. This technology entered the market in 2013 by the Samsung group. The improvement continued in 2014 with the incorporation of Quad HD screens technology and WI-FI network. Nonetheless, Android and I-phone technologies have also been introduced making smartphones to be better option for customers.
Smartphones have become part of life for many people across the world. Khan, Abid, Muntaha, and Jamal (2016) assert that in a country where 90% owns phones, approximately 64% have smartphones. The majority of the Smartphone owners are people who range between 18-29 years compared to people between 30-49 years old then 50-64 in descending order (Khan et al., 2016). The few percentage of the older group who has Smartphones finds it difficult to use and maintain. This is because of the multiple app available on them. The movable device is liked by the young age people, because they use it for learning, listening to music, and share files. On education level, approximately 87% of people who have gone to high school and above are likely to have Smartphones (Kang, Hur, & Son, 2014). The
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