Customer Benefits Package And Value Chain Analysis Essay

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The aim of this case study is to define that how operational strategy, customer benefits package and value chain analysis are all work simultaneously for manufacturing goods and providing better services to their customers and how organizations earn huge profit by their goods and services. Operations management is an integral part of all organizations. Basically operations management has the responsibility of controlling number of tools like how to design new products, how to manage its development. Operations management is responsible for fulfilling the demand of buyers with the manufacturing and providing items on time to its customers. Companies cannot become successful in any field if they do not use or follow the operations management strategies properly in their business. Here discuss two organizations which are Samsung and Allphones. Samsung Company manufacturing the goods whereas, Allphones Company provides the service to their customers. Nowadays, Samsung electronics are becoming the second most famous and largest company of mobile phones in the world. It is manufacturing many things like home Appliance, tablets, computers, Laptops, TVs & AV, but here can be discussed only mobile phones or smart phones. Operations management perform the task according to plan of the organization. According to the manufacturing factory operations management would insure about design of products, correct preservation, raw materials as well as it is also has responsible for managing

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