Customer Communications And External Communication

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Customer communications involve a company actively engaging with a customer directly. This can include direct mailings, texts, telemarketing, and other such means. This form of external communication is also used by Walmart. Sale circulars are sent to many households quite regularly. Users of the Walmart mobile app get several notifications sent directly to their phone, and users can also sign up to receive emails from Walmart if they choose. By tailoring these messages to target recipients, a Walmart is able to keep customers engaged and mold their customer’s perception of the company.
Social media has become a very popular form of external communication. Customers now expect the products they use, the stores they frequent, and the services they receive to be on some sort of social media whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, or the like. While this form of external communication has its advantages (such as ease of communicating with existing and potential customers), it also has its drawbacks. First off, the company cannot control all the comments that come through social media. Negative aspects of the company can leak through before a company has a chance to do damage control. Moreover, with Twitter, a 140 character limit can cause a message to be miscommunicated, possibly hurting a company’s reputation. Walmart not only has a social media presence as a corporation, but it also allows its stores to maintain individual social media accounts. This allows…
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