Customer Community : An Important Tool For Businesses

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There are a number of ways to market your products, serve your customers and improve your products or services. But rarely do all of these functions fall under a single platform – until you consider setting up a customer community.

In this guide, we’ll explore what customer communities are all about and the reasons they’ve become an important tool for businesses. You’ll be able to understand why your organisation should start and utilise a customer community. Finally, we’ll examine the keys to starting a customer community.

What is a customer community?

Before we venture deeper into the ways to utilise and set up a customer community, it’s important to examine customer community as a concept.

The definition of a customer community

Customer communities are places where customers, experts and partners talk about the issues surrounding the company. The communities are often online-based, as the Internet has made it easy for different groups to collaborate and communicate.

The aim of an online customer community is to bring the different players together – the customers, the employees and other partners – and to provide better experience for the customer. These communities are therefore helping to improve and develop the product or service, in order to enhance the customer experience.

The issues discussed by the community include:

• Solving problems with the product, the service or the company
• Reviewing and analysing the product or the service
• Brainstorming new ideas
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