Customer Complaints : A Of Life And A Part Of Doing Business

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Customer complaints are a fact of life and a part of doing business. You can never make everyone happy all of the time, but an organisation must have procedures in place based on organisational policies, legislation and/or codes of practice for processing complaints in an attempt to make the customer happy. You must be aware of these procedures and follow them. A good organisation does not hide from complaints, it: • Is open to receiving a complaint • Knows how to deal with a complaint • Is happy to deal with the complaint • Uses complaints as a learning exercise • Follows procedure and works within legislation and codes of practice A company that hides from a complaint avoids the opportunity to resolve the complaint, which reduces the…show more content…
Look at alternatives you can offer, use any discretion you have to provide a solution. Give the customer the range of options available. Once the customer has chosen an option they are happy with, the next step is to follow up and ask them if everything is satisfactory. A loyal customer can be gained by simply making sure they feel like their complaint was dealt with professionally and fairly. Learning from complaints is critical. Every complaint that the organisation receives is an opportunity to evaluate and maybe do things better in the future. Good organisational complaint processes allow the organisation to make positive changes to the way that it does things. Legislation Every industry is covered by legislation. They will have their own codes of practice and these are developed to meet the standards of the legislation. They do have variations, usually in excess of basic requirements. There is various state and federal legislation governing sales in Australia to protect the rights of consumers which also imposes conditions on them in terms of their behaviour and expectations. Within each industry there may be a particular or special conditions and these should be reflected in the organisation’s procedures. Customers can return something: • For a refund of the monies paid; • For repair of the goods or replacement of the goods if the goods
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