Customer Demand Maintain The Quality And Cost

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Our Shoes company vision is to work hard and expand our business to all over the world and our product should know as its quality.

Specific strategies for each target.
• Action to be taken in a broad sense, but sufficient to give specific guidance.
• Each member should be Responsible for their work.
• Work should be finished timely.
• Budget – Product should be prepared with in the given budget.

Business Plan:
The business is about the shoes company. You will need to establish a target market. You have to see customer demand maintain the quality and cost.

Steps: 1
Select your company name. Registered company name as a business as a local county administration office. Get vendor license, so you can pay sales tax at the national retail customers. Search website, other state license may be required.
Search your competitors, sales and prices. Access to retailers and wholesalers website. Note which attract consumers, businesses or both. Set your price plan than local competitors.
Find a wholesale supplier or manufacturer for your company. Visit the National Association of Wholesale Distributors in Call the main number and ask your contacts to send a list of shoe wholesalers. Access website. Orders related to the retail, wholesale, shoes, several free trade publications. Search these publications free ads shoe wholesalers or manufacturers. Go and search for the manufacturer 's suppliers, according to
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