Customer Discrimination in Restaurants: Dining Frequency Matters

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The author Matthew Parrett asks the question who makes more money in the restaurant industry the male or female server? They collected their data outside of five different restaurants in Virginia during the summer of 2002 and again in 2003. They surveyed guest in 2002 on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm-10pm, on 2003 the researchers added Thursday night to the survey as well.
The researchers used an overall qualitative researcher approach wanting to know if customers discriminated against certain genders in the restaurant. They conducted their researcher by handing out surveys and allowing the customers to fill out the survey via a clipboard with a pen attached, to further keep their responses anonymous, participants were asked to fold and place their completed survey in a box located away from the survey administrators. The authors hope was to obtain more reliable responses, but the cost of doing it this way was they obtained fewer completed and clear surveys. “A total of 485 surveys were collected out of 575 attempts during the 2002 Survey, and a total of 501 surveys were collected out of 630 attempts during the 2003 Survey” (Parrett). However when the cleaning out process took place, a “final set of 495 surveys” (Parrett) were used for the research. Many surveys were cut because customers completed the survey privately and instead of…
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