Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy:

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Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy:
Creating Value for Target Customers


SL.NO. TOPICS PAGE NO. 1. Market segmentation 1 2. Segmenting consumer markets 2-4 3. Segmenting business markets 4 4. Segmenting International markets 5 5. Requirements for effective segmentation 5-6 6. Market targeting 6 7. Target marketing strategies 7-9 8. Differentiation and positioning 9 9. Positioning maps
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Actionable: - The degree to which effective programs can be formulated for attracting and serving the segments.

Market Targeting

Selecting Target Market Segments
Target market consists of a set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve.
Evaluating Market Segments * Segment size and growth * Segment structural attractiveness * 6
Company objectives and resources

Target Marketing Strategies Undifferentiated(mass) marketing | Micromarketing(local or individual marketing) |

Differentiated(segmented) marketing | Concentrated(niche)marketing |

Target widely Target narrowly

Undifferentiated marketing targets the whole market with one offer I. Mass marketing II. Focuses on common needs rather than what’s different
Differentiated marketing targets several different market segments and designs separate offers for each I. Goal is to achieve higher sales and stronger position II. More expensive than undifferentiated marketing 7 Concentrated marketing targets a large share of a small market I. Limited company resources II. Knowledge of the market III. More effective and efficient
Micromarketing is the practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations I. Local marketing II. Individual marketing
Local marketing involves
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