Customer Expectation Through Service Excellence

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Party Rental Ltd began as a secondary line of business for Oprandy’s Liquor store in Englewood, New Jersey. Oprandy’s provided an additional service to customers who were picking up wine and beer for their house parties by renting tables, chairs, and glassware. In April 1972 it was expanded into a larger scale rental business with more appropriate items. A year later they moved into a 10,000 square foot facility. In august 2006, it was relocated to a 350,000 sq. foot corporate headquarters in Teterboro, NJ where they currently reside. However, there also are smaller subsidies in Pennsylvania, the Hamptons and Maryland. Although, there is a written mission, core values and philosophy, they are only posted and pop up on our computers daily.…show more content…
Organizational Structure
Upper Management consists of one CEO & Owner, one COO/President (Son of Owner), and VP/CFO. Management consist of VP of Human Resource, VP of Operations, Department Directors & Managers, Supervisors of different areas (roles & responsibility unclear)
When reading about Party Rental Ltd there is a sense that the old “mom and pop” community store has grown in size but there is no formal business structure or philosophy reflecting the change. One might believe change was just adopted words only and never internalized and operationalized. It is interesting, because the dress code use to be business causal but was changed to a more old community affect of “jean and T shirts”.
What occurs at Party Rental annually is a break even financial status. Ironically, everyone seems ok with it. Prices are raised annually and they terminate and hire seasonally. An excessive number of clients are not charged for half or all of an order due to inadequate service, such as incorrect items delivered, inaccurate delivery times, and mix-ups in dispatch and truck loading for delivery. Language barriers in the warehouse accounts for misinformation and poor customer service. In addition, supervisors employed for specific areas overlap resulting in indecision and there is confusion. Employees may require supervision but this is ineffective.
Processes for customer service to establish an order for
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