Customer Expectations And Perceptions Of Service Quality Essay

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INTERNAL RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT Name of the student: Enrollment No. : Course: Batch: Shift: Section Subject: Subject code: Topic of assignment: Subject Teacher’s name: Q3 Contemplate your own recent experiences as a service consumer. On which dimensions of service quality have you most often experienced a large gap between your expectations and your perceptions of the service performance? What do you think the underlying causes might be? What steps should management take to improve quality? The study 'Banking services: Customer expectations and perceptions ' attempts to analyze the gulf in service quality of public and private sector banks in terms of customers ' expectations and perceptions. The study has been carried out at both aggregate and disaggregates levels in order to explore and map the differences. The study also traces the factors affecting customer expectations and perceptions in regard to the service quality of banks. The primary data were collected with the help of a standardized questionnaire of service quality of Parasuraman which was administered to a convenience sample of 400 respondents accessing banking services in Gwalior, a city in Madhya Pradesh, a state in India. The data collected were analyzed with the statistical tools of Factor Analysis and 'z- 'test. The study revealed that, at the aggregate level, there was a statistically

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