Customer Experience At The Local Branches

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I order for a company such as First State Bank to improve its banking accuracy and speed in order to enhance customer experience. The company needs to first collect customer feedback via the survey on the company web portal or questionnaire at the local branches. After collecting data from the customer survey management and the IT department will apply the customer feedback in their process to enhance the company database. By configuring their database into a crossbreed of centralized and decentralized processing and improves the banking experience. Allowing customer’s the ability to bank at any of the 11 local branches; monitoring transaction and central processing the customers’ data while updating the database. All cash, checks and payment of customer’s bills can be recorded via remote computers (ATM’s and local branch computers). Once the customer transactions are recorded by the computer or ATM the data is then sent to the data warehouse a few times a day updating customers banking statement. For example, local business payroll account can be stored and processed via electronically since most transactions is done electronically or manual cash deposits. The data warehouse that located in the main branch can process more efficiently if a highly experienced data processor is used to alleviate the database of data communication processes. Using a secure carrier network is the best method for good communication, while processing data between servers and the data warehouse. A
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