Customer Experience and Customer Engagement

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Customer experience and customer engagement Customer experience is replacing quality as the most important element in marketing. (Klaus & Maklan, 2013) Great customer experience will encourage customer engagement, which can be understood as a customer’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral interaction with a brand (Hollebeek, 2011). The high customer engagement is directly related to high customer satisfaction, strong customer loyalty and increased word-of-mouth behavior, which all in turn maintain companies’ sustainable competitive advantage and allow they charging higher prices and profit margins than competitors. As said Investment Weekly News (2012) quoted that consumers will pay for the extraordinary customer experience. This…show more content…
When I enter a Apple store, the enthusiastic staff, the beautiful and concise decoration, and the experience of using the real and new launched products make me being excited and being willing to buy something from there. In addition, Apple also possesses a concise online store. Customers can easily find the introduction and parameters about every product and make the purchase within a few steps. After the purchase, customer will get the product from nearby physical store or receive at home in a few days. If anything goes wrong with Apple’s products, customer can just book an appointment from online or smartphone apps and Apple Genius bar will solve your problem immediately. In my point of view, Apple’s online shop, smartphone apps, and O2O program are providing customer alternative solutions of reviewing, purchasing, and booking appointments for repairing Apple’s products. Genius bar was set up as a repairing services center. It saves customers’ time by helping them effectively and efficiently. I like using Genius bar, because almost every time I used it, my problem was solved very well within an acceptable days. Sometimes it may exceed my expectation. Like once. I booked a Genius bar appointment because software in my mac crashed several times, and they at last gave me a new hard disk and mainboard for free. Apple always conducts training workshops for better using iPad, iPhone, Mac, and specific Apple software. It also provides one to one workshops for
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