Customer Feedback And Employee Feedback Essay

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As reflected by the managers and employees through the interviews, every single one of them got multiple feedback from the customers. The employees and managers got a good deal of complaints as well as compliments from the customers. Feedback were made both orally and in written forms on the customer feedback book. In spite of the great number of customer feedback, the restaurant did not have a specified procedure for collecting and transferring the feedback. Customer feedback is commonly encountered in the foodservice industry. Customer feedback can serve as report cards to companies about existing products and service and tell companies if they are meeting customer expectations (Kumar & Bhagwat, 2010). Customer feedback can also reveal numerous subtle performance issues that are easily remedied, yet difficult to diagnose (Radojevic et al., 2015). Had the owners never heard from the customers or asked their employees what they heard from their customers, they never would have known that certain issues are big problems. Service firms often unaware failures occur since customers may fail to complain (Boorhees et al., 2006). Customer feedback not only identifies problem areas in need of improvement, but also helps generate ideas and suggestions for future upgrades and service modifications (Wirtz et al., 2010; Kumar & Bhagwat, 2010). No restaurant can guarantee perfect service. Improvements and adjustments are always needed to keep up with customers’ needs and changing

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