Customer Feedback Management: Its Effects on Quality of Service Delivery in Mcdonald's Recto Outlet

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Customer Feedback Management: Its Effects on Quality of Service Delivery in McDonald’s Recto Outlet

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It is an integral part of each company’s success as it offers precious insight into how customers view the organization, including its services, its products, its staff, its policies, etc. However, many organizations are struggling to deal with customer relations and the handling of feedback.

McDonald’s prides itself on delivering only the highest levels of quality, service, and cleanliness to all of its customers in each and every restaurant. The key to their continuous success is continually monitoring and acting on the feedback given to them by their customers. They strive to be a progressive market leader and they can only stay ahead of the rest by listening to the most important ambassadors of their brand – their customers!

McDonald’s have recognized that complaints, inquiries or positive feedback from customers are precious pieces of information. When used properly, complaints can help them fine-tune their business and meet their customers’ needs. It is these insights that help the Company to keep moving forward. Equally important is to hear and effectively manage complaints from customers. If the company is not seen to be dealing with poor experiences, then disgruntled customers will vote with their feet and they will lose their business. (

Quality of service delivery must be observed in fast food chain, like
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