Customer Is Always Right

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A business’s keeness to put customers first Important to reach a business’s objectives and goals Customer is the main source of revenue Important to follow the policy in order to retain customers To retain company’s image and reputation Avoid bad public relation Avoid customer desertion Avoid law suits Leads to higher profitability 10.Satisfied and happy customers will promote your products or services 11.Having your customers as ambassadors help you expand your business quickly 12.Helps company to operate more efficiently in long run 13.Listening to complaints or feedbacks will help a business to identify and ammend its weakness. 14.Customers whose complaints …show more content…
3) Unsatisfied customers will persuade others to stop the purchase of goods and services from your company. Topic Sentence 3 : However, maintaining this busine*ss policy will eventually makes *the employees unhappy. Supporting statement : *Topic Sentence 4 : In addition, *it gives abrasive customer an unfair advantage. Supporting statement : 1) Company is forced to compensate and this increase cost. 2) Similar incidents will happen again if is not handled properly. At this point, one may wonder if we should maintain this policy or dispose it, but in order for a company to survive, this policy should be followed by every company to avoid profit declination and due to the reason that satisfying employees’ needs will eventually ignore the customer satisfaction. Introduction : In today’s competitive world, a business must always have the policy that the consumer is right because it does not only retain a company’s image and reputation, it also leads to higher profitability in the long term and helps the company to operate more efficiently in the future. *Topic Sentence 1 : *The policy will retain and strengthen *a company’s *image and reputation, making them a step quicker at reaching their objectives and goals. Supporting statement: 1) Good customer service is important for a company to be different from others. 2) Avoid unwanted situations such as negative publicity, desertion by customers and legal suits. *Topic Sentence 2 :
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