Customer Is Not Always Right

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An Analysis on How to Handle Dysfunctional Customers And how they affect on Food Servers in selected Restaurants at Eastwood City ------------------------------------------------- A Method of Research and Thesis Paper Presented to the Faculty of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Arellano University - Pasig ------------------------------------------------- In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Presented By: Calinao, Loreinn G. Tierra, Alyssa Marie G. Encio, Mary Bless Estrada, Erik E. Romero, Jerry Arellano University – Pasig Pag-Asa St. Brgy. Caniogan Pasig City Approval Sheet In partial fulfillment of the requirements for…show more content…
What is not acceptable is for the customer to be demanding, insulting and irate. The real issue is lack of respect people today. This study has an important contribution to the understanding that there are “Dysfunctional Customers”, and that their behaviours equate serious consequences, and in the new era the number of them is increasing. Those customers always wish payless or to not pay, those who doesn’t obey rules of the company, use to abuse employees verbally or even physically, customers who gets in detailed arguments with other employees about company and they are customers who always makes hurdle for company and so on and so forth, and we might encounter some of them that will scream at you or some will just be okay. Some of them will down your principle, even your personality or we can say that some of them are just over reacting to the point that they are already below their belt. They misbehave because they know that the management does not want to lose them. Customers are used to tell the famous slogan in any business that “the customer is always right”. A customer knows when they are wrong or right but they will still try to get something out of it because it does not matter if they are right or wrong, in fact, in their world they are always right and they like to do whatever they want. [By dzavdica/August 2010]. Is there any cliché more
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