Customer Is at the Centre of Everything We Do in an Organisation

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Customer is at the centre of everything we do in an organisation. Discuss this statement and how an organisation can benefit from listening to the “voice of the customer”.
Can a business exist without customers who buy the products? Is there a star product with no customers buying it? The only way for a product to become “the star product” is by having many people buying it. Thus the customer becomes the lynch pin of everything we do in organisations. Consequently, today’s competitive marketplace requires every organization to listen to the voice of its customers. In this discussion, the writer will endeavor to establish why the customer should be at the center of everything we do in organisations. Benefits of listening to
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As employees of companies, there is a tendency to become very internally focused. The focus is in terms of "policies”, "procedures" and "products." However, customers think in terms of "ease of doing business," "convenience" and "solutions." As a company, customer centric means before making any decision, consider how that decision will be felt by the customer; how it will impact the customer experience.

Customer centric means when you’re designing a product, designing it from the customer’s perspective. How will the customer use it? Under what conditions will they use it? How can we make it easy to use, for the customer, in their world? Example: All of Apple’s products just seem to work the way we work and play. They’re easy.

Customer centric means when you design your sales process, do it in a way that will make it very easy for the customer to buy your product or service. Example: Dry cleaners that offer home and office delivery service.

Customer centric means providing a level of post-sale customer service that makes it very easy for the customer to get repairs, service or return a product. Forget policies. Forget processes that are designed for your internal efficiency alone. Design your customer service center and procedures in a way that will make the customers’ lives easier. Example: LL Bean with their no questions asked return policies.

Customer Centric means always thinking in terms of the customer to make their experience with you as good as it
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