Customer Loyalty : A Successful Business

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Customer loyalty can be difficult to define, but it is imperative to running a successful business (Yahalom, 2010). Consequently, a challenge that every business faces when trying to resolve customer conflict is the often disconnect between the policies and practices of the business and that of what customers perceive to be important (Saddoris, 2015). In today 's highly digital world, with the click of a button and help from tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Yelp, a dissatisfied customer that feels a business is not providing quality products or services could wreak havoc on that business or its sales (Yahalom, 2010). While customer service conflicts cannot be prevented 100% of the time, they can be effectively managed (The Customer Service Training Institute, 2015) because in reality, the customer isn’t always right. It’s tempting for businesses to engage in heated arguments especially when it comes to defending the policies or even employees of the organization; however if customer retention is the objective, a calm and composed approach is most effective (). Each customer conflict situation may differ so too will be the technique for managing the conflict. Negotiation strategies to consider are: accommodation, compromise and collaboration. Collaboration In collaborative negotiation (also called principled or interest-based negotiation), the customer and the organization actively try to understand the perspective of the other and come to a mutual agreement
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