Customer Loyalty And Preventing Attrition

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Enabling Customer Loyalty and Preventing Attrition Time Frame: Over 2 weeks Method of Contact: • 3 store visits / 2 locations • 7 online attempts • 3 separate telephone calls Associate actions: • Disinterested • Brushed off repeated requests • Failed promises Outcome: Damaged Customer Loyalty = No Purchase Last fall, like many customers, we began searching for a custom kitchen countertop. We began online with a brand we were loyal to. The online search yielded little detail, so we focused efforts on shopping at a store. Taking It Personal As we approached 3 store associates gathered around a computer monitor, we are quickly informed none of them could help and no one would be available for the next couple of hours. One associate adds to the brush off with “Oh, and by the way another customer said they would be back at that time.” Believing this to be an isolated incident, we decided to try a different store. During this visit, we were hopeful as we approached another associate located in the custom department. This hope was quickly diminished as the associate appears bothered by our request for assistance. And in fact, instead of helping us, the associate writes down our contact information and offers to email us the estimate. To no surprise, we received no email. As valued customers, who hold their credit card, it appeared as if we were having to beg (repeatedly) to spend several thousand dollars. At this point – it had become a quest to answer how much does

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