Customer Management Practices at AC Guy Ltd

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The essence of customer management in services businesses including each area of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is predicated on this concept of customer management. Concentrating on setting realistic expectations then delivering excellent experiences is the essence of excellence in customer management. Creating expectations and delivering remarkable experiences for customers in service industries gets quickly beyond technical ability to the innate sense of what really matters to customers and addressing those issues clearly, candidly and honestly (Ang, Buttle, 2009). The bottom line is that by continually delivering exceptional customer service experiences based on realistic expectations builds trust and reinforces a reputation of excellence in customer service. Trust is the new currency and it is earned and kept with the ability to understand not just the stated and explicit needs of a customer, but also understanding the nuances and unmet needs they have as well (Ballantyne, 2005). Business that can ascertain these implicit needs are exceptionally more successful than others as they earn trust much faster than competitors.
Customer Management Best…
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