Customer Personality And The Product Selection Process

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Market segmentation is a marketing concept that divides a large heterogeneous market into smaller homogeneous subsets of consumers with similar needs, wants and characteristics. Researchers might be able to predict customer 's behavior by studying if there are any relations between customer 's personality and the product selection process. A key success for any business is to communicate with its customers better than competitors by understanding who its customers are and what they want. The more specific costumers are segmented, the easier a business will understand its customers and build successful relationship with them because customers usually choose a product that expresses their personality. The market can be segmented by different types of segmentations such as demographic, geographic and psychographic. Marks & Spencer uses demographic segmentation to target customers above the age of 30 with high income and executive occupation. It also segments the market through value, as many products in M&S’s clothing range have a premium-priced segment, a mid-priced segment and a lower price segment. Brand personality is a set of features and human characteristics that is associated with the brand. As one of the most important promotion tools, it will attract the target audience 's attention. A brand personality that is well defined will lead to customer trust, emotional attachment and loyalty. Better communications between a customer and product is one of the results of…
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