Customer Privacy Of The Hospitality Service Industry Essay

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The evolving technology that helps provide services efficiently, assists in workload and support employee function can also aid in customer privacy issues and company espionage. With businesses moving from paper to digital, the risk of data breaches increases. Advancement in technology opens the possibility of greater issues in privacy. In the hospitality industry where privacy is one of the top priorities, customers expect the utmost confidentiality from this type of companies. The hospitality service industry is an easy target for data security infiltration. Hotel payment card data are stored longer with the practice of booking rooms in advance. Moreover, credit card data are stored during the duration of the stay and even longer to cover payments of restaurant bills and other services. Multiple hotel chains like Hyatt, Sheraton, Trump, Hilton and Mandarin Orinetal have admitted to having their POS or point-of-sale systems hacked in 2015. POS systems are both the physical technology and software used in financial transactions between the merchant and its customer. In situations where there is a breach in a hotel information system, hotels have their standard procedures on how to handle these situations. Organisations involved also implement guidelines and requirements that are needed to ensure that data breach does not happen or happen again. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, a hotel and leisure company with around 1,275 properties under multiple brands posted on its
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