Customer Profitability Analysis Of Argos Ltd

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ACC 202 group assignment

Customer profitability analysis of Argos Ltd

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Executive summary

The following assignment mainly focuses on customers profitability based upon the sales made. The actual meaning of customer’s profitability is revenue earned by customers less the cost associated with them. Above calculation shows the company’s profitability in a certain time, through various customers. These types of calculation help company to compare their customers as by the profits and also helps to distinguish the needy ones. Customer who is profitable are the vital part of any organization, company should not lose such customers.
Below given calculation shows the profitability of customers on Argos company ltd., various customers with various level of profit, cost,ranking etc.. is been calculated on this calculations. It also shows the importance of the customers through their commercial transaction made to company and its profit, which then helps company to make further decision making process in future and also to estimate the cost and budgets.
A discussion about code of Ethics is also included within it, customers are the vital part of the organization and without them no organization can run their business so a code of ethics is maintained for the standard creation between company, customers and various other intermediaries.code of ethics maintain that discipline which allow…
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