Customer Relationship Management : A Strategy Of Managing Customer Relationships

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CRM is Customer Relationship Management: A strategy of managing customer relationships based on the integration of customer information throughout a company in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and retention. CRM process is to collect, store, and analyze customer interaction information (customer knowledge), transforming the practice of marketing research. Marketing intelligence: The use of real-time customer information (customer knowledge) to achieve a competitive advantage. In short, Market Intelligence seeks completive advantage based on real-time customer information. MI begins with the nation of customer knowledge, a company cannot meet its customer needs and wants and thereby offer value, unless it understands the evolution of the customer. Customer Knowledge –What kind of relationships will add value will add value to customers-loyalty programs, Value perception of the customer segment and how can the value be enhanced. To create customer profiles includes customer profiles customer demographics, psychographic data, and direct and indirect communications with the company in order to develop product, service offerings, marketing campaigns, growth and retention. Granular data-Highly detailed, highly personalized data specifically structured around an individual customer. Big companies embrace the vision and long –term goal of capturing and retaining customers. With granular customer information, market intelligence helps them and other companies
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