Customer Relationship Management ( Crm )

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The most important aspect of any company that is involved in medium to big projects, is the company’s relationship with its clients. It is so important that companies like BNSF Railways, which was awarded Customer Relationship Management Excellence Awards in 2006 by Gartner Inc. (Schwalbe, K., pp 56, 2010), boosted its sales by simply investing more in customer relationship management. To reinforce the importance of CRM, studies conducted by HUFS College of Business, Korea, suggests that implementation of a good CRM positively impacts the customer satisfaction (Adalikwu, C., pp 6684, 2012). The main reason why CRM is crucial is because more than knowing when the project is completed, a customer always expects to get the real time update. Besides that if there are any issues the customer raises, CRM helps determine how severe it is to solve it depending on the priority. CRM 's have an added benefit of connecting all the departments of the company, because only then the project 's progress can be projected to update the customer (Piccoli, 2012). The best CRM tool in the market for small to medium size business is (Angeles, S., 2015). The advantages of using are: 1. Relatively easy to learn. 2. Convenient to use. 3. Highly customizable to the company 's needs. 4. Well designed dashboard that prioritize issues according to its seriousness. Apart from all these advantages, the biggest advantage of using
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