Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Essay

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Identifying and Differentiate Individual Customers
Most companies still cling to a product-centric view even today, basing their business strategies on revenue and their products or services instead of their existing or potential customers. In other words, companies focused on selling as many products as they could, with no regard for who was buying them and why.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) today has changed the way companies view from looking to not only improve their revenue and compensation but to make their customers happier, with the focus on loyalty and retention. CRM technology is used to efficiently and effectively gather vast amounts of data as well as analyze, interpret, and utilize that data to find solutions to customer satisfaction strategies, directly targeted on streamlining, improving, and personalizing all the customer interactions with the company. (Gordon, 2002)

The shift to a more customer focus is because the world of business has changed and customers are not all equal. In the past, companies focused managing the products and selling the same products or services to as many customers as possible, regardless of how different those customers were. Today, customers’ wants and needs are the central focus for most companies to give them longevity and to give them the competitive edge.
Companies use CRM strategies to alter the customer experience to move beyond the sales focus to a relationship with the customers that meet the needs of
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