Customer Relationship Management ( Crm )

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) describes the practices, strategies, and technologies many businesses use to manage and critique customer services through customer behavior. A CRM system helps a business relate more to a customer and implementing a functional system will not only increase profits, but our relationship with our customers will grow stronger. CRM systems are designed to store information on customers across a vast majority of channels or points of contact between the customer and the business. For Tru Lit to utilize a CRM system, there should be an interactive website, telephone number, online chat, e-mail, and multiple social media platforms that our customers can easily access…show more content…
CRM systems are usually scaled from basic contact management to sophisticated suites that form valuable connections to customers. Basic contact management CRMs are cheap and affordable, but will tend to focus on the basics of a normal customer service operation, which may hurt customer relations. Sophisticated suites exceed expectations in customer service and are worthy of the extra investment because the more we decide to invest in our customers, the more they invest in us and our products. There are many traditional CRM solutions on today’s market, but the CRM systems considered to be the best option for Tru Lit are and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They are currently the leading CRM systems on today’s market and both carry exceptional reputations from businesses that use these systems. Salesforce is a worldly recognized CRM known for its wealth management and financial services segments that will help Tru Lit be competitive in the global market. The features of Salesforce are constructed using the platform, which the architecture that provides increased flexibility and scalability that can be used by a business of any size. The Salesforce application can be utilized for sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service. This application attributes focus in on extending our customer relationship management, which can help Tru Lit manage supplier relationships,
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