Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Practices At Janata Bank Limited ( Jbl ) Essay

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Findings & Analysis In finding & analysis part, I will discuss Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices in Janata Bank Limited (JBL). the objective of JBL is to become the largest commercial bank in Bangladesh by playing significant roles in the banking sector as well as, in the National economy. In 2014, JBL held 7.60 percent of total deposit and 6.05 percent of total loans and advances of the country’s banking sector. Strategic Priority 1. Ushering in customer-friendly culture through state-of-the-art facilities and services to be provided by highly-skilled service personnel. 2. Strengthening internal controls through clearly laid down policies, procedures and processes. 3. Integrate principles of sustainability into business strategy. 4. Pursue asset growth with quality assets. 5. Undertake strong initiatives to recover classified and written off loans. 6. Optimize funding mix to reduce cost of fund. 7. Integrate green banking into banking activ Code of conduct In accordance with the ethical principles the code of conduct of JBL employees shall: Act with integrity, competence and dignity; Loyal to the bank and bank’s interest; Maintain professionalism and ethical standards; Deliver professional service in accordance with JBL policies and relevant standards; Try to fulfill the customer needs in the best possible manner within the guideline of corporate ethics; Keep all matters confidentially; Maintain knowledge of and comply with all applicable

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