Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Systems And A More Efficient Inventory System

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equipment. From the first step, there is a high level of interaction between the customer and the coordinator. This high level of customer contact allows for customization of orders, and is possible to achieve through the company’s high level of flexibility. As defined by Krajewski, Ritzman, and Malhotra, this would be considered a front office process, evident by its high level of interaction and flexibility. Within this process, there are several steps that involve nested processes. For simplicity, I will not delve into the complex and intricate nested processes in this review. There are several areas in this process that could be improved but I will focus on only two areas for now. The two areas of focus are the customer relationship…show more content…
We would then have a single place to view customer information by all internal employees. Several times during the quoting process the coordinator creating the quote must communicate with outside sales personnel in order to get vital background information. This is part of the nested process of the ‘Build Quote’ step in the flow chart. An example of this would be that the outside sales personnel recently visited the customer and spoke of two projects to happen within the next 3 months. The outside sales person agreed to give discount pricing if both jobs were awarded. This information would have to be given from the outside sales person to the coordinator through a single channel resource (e.g. phone, email, text). This adds an extra task for the outside sales person to remember, to specifically notify the coordinator of the agreement and/or the specific value of discount. If a CRM was used, the outside sales personnel could update the customer profile with their meeting notes and include an alert/flag of the important information of the discount price. This allows for all personnel involved directly with the customer to have access to important customer information, improve internal communication, and increase organization. This small change has the potential to remove, for example, the task of a 5 minute phone call, or an email chain of 6 messages. When quoting several customers a day, this time saved accumulates to a substantial amount. With the
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