Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Theories

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This chapter is written base on ground knowledge of Customer Relationship Management to explore deeper in contexts of social Customer Relationship Management. As the theories being more specific, the chapter will provide literature review about customer relationship through social media content strategy to explain the research problems. It also includes numerous studies in the field of relationship marketing and branding strategy in the digital world. Therefore, while discussing previous concepts and findings, this chapter will emphasis on research gap and create a framework to examine the impact of content on engaging social customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) theories Customer relationship management is not a new concept in Marketing within two recent decades. The origin of CRM comes from the theory about relationship marketing, which was explored by Berry (1983), Kotler (1997) and Gordon (1999). According to Kotler, relationship marketing is ‘the practice of building long-term satisfying relations with key parties - customers, suppliers, distributors - in order to retain their long-term preference and ¬-business.’. In other words, relationship marketing focuses on all business relationships between a firm and its associations. Instead of single business transactions, companies need to build a long-term relationship to centralise the business. There are two integrated models of relationship marketing including interfirm relationship (Business-to-business)
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